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Associates Therapeutic Massage




Associates Therapeutic Massage


Our massage experts offer a variety of Massage & Spa Services to meet your needs.

Welcome - Established in 1994


Our goal at Associates Therapeutic Massage is to meet each of our client’s needs with a customized massage.  Inside, you are greeted by friendly staff, calming scents and a serene atmosphere.  We have six large rooms, including a couples room, with oversized massage tables that are heated.  Our 12 certified, licensed massage experts have 15 minutes between massages to review client’s history and focus the full 60 minutes on your body’s needs for that session.


Receiving massages on a regular basis is essential to your health. Studies show that 90% of illnesses stems from stress.  Massage benefits your whole being – body, mind, and spirit.  Relieve your tired, aching muscles and calm your mind to rejuvenate and refocus.